Any questions about LUY and your application?

How is LUY organized? How many hierarchy levels are there?

We do not see flat hierarchies per se as a unique feature of good leadership or organization. If there is something we reject, it is bureaucracy and unnecessary, formal, cumbersome processes. We are therefore very flatly organized - in many areas there are a maximum of three hierarchy levels up to management. However, we adapt our organizational structure to the needs and good leadership also takes time. We therefore try to address the various aspects of leadership with concepts from lateral leadership, so that you always have direct access to a suitable contact person for your development.

Is there the possibility of a flexible working time (location) model (home office, etc.)?

LUY has always been characterized by flexibility in terms of work location and working hours. So you are welcome to work remotely within the scope of your task. Since our small team works very closely together, collaboration and cohesion are very important to us. This means that being in our beautiful, modern offices is certainly attractive and desirable. We have therefore decided to ask all colleagues to come to the office at least once a week.

Which work tools are available to me?

If you have a permanent position, you have the choice between different laptop models and company cell phones. If necessary, multiple monitors are no problem. You get what you need for your tasks. A modern workstation with a sit-stand function in our creative offices offers you flexibility in your everyday life.

Do I need a cover letter?

No, a cover letter is not mandatory. If you want, you can of course send us a cover letter. But your CV and certificates are enough for us.

Will I receive financial support for an internship or as a working student?

Yes, we pay our students a standard industry salary. The amount depends primarily on the knowledge and personal experience you have already acquired, but also on the semesters or training content you have already completed.

What benefits does LUY offer me?

In different phases of life, different benefits are sometimes more, sometimes less important. We try to offer a good mix that benefits all colleagues. In order to determine needs, we regularly conduct employee surveys. Whether it's free drinks or fruit, a meal allowance, a company pension plan, a kindergarten allowance, a job bike, etc. - we offer an attractive overall package.

How quickly will I receive feedback on my application?

Immediately after receiving your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. We always strive to move the further process forward as quickly as possible.

Which further training opportunities are available at LUY?

There is a wide range of internal and external training and seminars with which we can cover different needs depending on career and background experience. There is also the opportunity to take part in specialist conferences. Your annual need for further training will then be determined in a precisely coordinated manner and the measures will be defined. Some of these are very technical topics from software development or architecture or development environments. There are also methodological topics such as requirements management and project management - e.g. SCRUM training including certifications.
Personal training in the areas of communication, presentation, moderation, leadership, conflict management and much more is also very important to us. There is an extensive catalog that colleagues can choose from in coordination with their supervisor. If there are very individual requirements, we also provide special training. In total there are over 30 different in-house training courses as well as many individual seminars and conferences.

Why is the potential analysis in the recruitment process so important for LUY?

Potential analysis is a psychometric measurement method constructed according to scientific principles. We want to get to know your work and decision-making behavior in professional situations. The process helps us to find exactly the tasks and roles for each colleague that best suit their preferred approaches and skills.
The aim is not to form a homogeneous team, but rather to distribute a wide variety of roles in a team so that they are not only filled, but also ideally match the strengths of the respective colleagues. A comparison with team sports works well here. It's not about good or bad, passed or failed. It's about a team only functioning through the interaction of the individual players. Not every player delivers top performance in every team and a team does not work by only allowing the fastest players to play together, for example. We therefore want to use the potential analysis to ensure that we complement each other and form a team that is capable of excellent performance.
The potential analysis is carried out by external consultants who have known and supported LUY since it was founded. It is carried out remotely. The processing is done individually on your own device at home. You will then receive your results and personal career advice that can be used in your professional life and not just for LUY. Real added value for you.

How is diversity lived at LUY?

We live by the attitude that all employees are treated as equals without reservations with regard to gender and gender roles, life plans, culture and worldview, sexual orientation, age and physical and mental abilities.
Work and private life merge through collegial structures and informal manners. Having fun at work and being successful at it is a worthwhile goal that can only be achieved in the right environment. We think that we at LUY are already doing a lot of the right things to create such an environment. Thanks to our open culture, we ensure that everyone quickly feels integrated and can develop freely. Only then do our customers benefit from the individual skills and views that each of us openly contributes.
In fact, there have been no concrete “programs” at LUY so far because diversity has been practiced from the start and it was not felt to be necessary.
Our aim is to expand diversity management and offer everyone good job opportunities.

Is there a dress code at LUY?

No. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what is appropriate for the occasion. Most of us wear a T-shirt, shorts, skirt or dress in the summer. In winter, jeans and sweaters. Some people like to wear a shirt or even a jacket. You rarely see suits here.

What happens with my data?

By entering your data, a profile will automatically be set up with us. Your data will be stored in our applicant database. After sending your online application, you will receive a user name and a password, which allows you to access your data at any time.

Can I also apply directly by email?

Please apply exclusively via our job portal.

I can't find a suitable position. Can I also apply on my own initiative?

Of course, you can send an unsolicited application at any time. Please also use our online application tool for this.

Technical questions about the online application

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

As an applicant, you have the option of having a new password generated using a self-service function in our job portal.

I forgot my username, how do I get a new one?

In this case, please contact us via the Feedback menu item. We will send you a new username by email.

Can I interrupt the application process and continue later?

Yes, this option exists without any loss of data or information.