Application process & tips

Your application

There is no strict plan. We tailor the process specifically to you, because you are unique and that's how unique we want to be. The next steps also depend on your professional experience and the position to be filled. Below we present the typical process. It could be something similar for you.

Step 1| Online application

Your application will be received directly by our recruiting team, so you can expect prompt feedback. You will receive an automatic confirmation immediately.

Step 2 | Get to know

Like you, we think we're a good match? Perfect! We will then invite you to a virtual interview and carry out pair programming (for IT positions).

Step 3 | Applicant day

Potential analysis and consultation
We both got a positive impression of each other and think it will work well personally and professionally? Then we invite you to the virtual applicant day. Please block this day until 2 p.m.
A potential analysis awaits you on this day. We want to get to know your work and decision-making behavior. This procedure is carried out by an external consultant. You will then receive personal career advice that not only applies to LUY in your professional life, but is real added value for you.

Step 4 | Contract offer

We'll decide what happens next between us by the following week at the latest. If we “match”, we will send you your contract offer electronically and we look forward to working together.


Tip 1

We want to get to know you as a person. It is important that, in addition to professionalism, our values in terms of corporate culture fit together. We'll find out if we're honest with each other.

Tip 2

For your “quick” application, we have equipped our application form with a few mandatory fields. However, meaningful documents give us the opportunity to quickly and accurately assess whether we are a good match.

Tip 3

Be yourself. Tell us about your projects, your passion, your motivation. What are you particularly proud of? We meet at eye level in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't skimp on questions.
There is no dress code for our appointments. Come the way you feel comfortable.