Orientation about areas of competence and career levels


Start-up and already have so many career levels? YES!
Because we want to do justice to all colleagues in the team and are guided by our parent company iteratec GmbH.
If you will support us in the area of IT services, the LUY competency areas form the basis for your classification when you join the company as well as for your individual further development. They also form the basis for the career level model, which defines the framework for promotions. On the one hand, the areas of competence reflect the qualifications required by our customers and the projects. On the other hand, they form an important support for LUY's value system. They are also intended to give you an orientation for your personal self-assessment of your performance and show you perspectives and also the need for possible expansion of your skills. The concept of areas of competence and career levels is reviewed by management every year and adjusted if necessary.

As you gain experience, you will take on tasks with increasingly greater responsibility. Depending on the specialist area, these can be technical, specialist/methodological or managerial tasks. At a certain career level, responsibility for employees and customers is added.

You can see the complete model HERE.